2012 September 23 Annual Meeting


Annual Meeting of the Ponderosa Pines Homeowners Association

September 23, 2012

The annual meeting of the Ponderosa Pines Homeowners Association was held in the Board Room of the Louisville Public Library on September 23, 2012 at 1:15 p.m.and  was convened at approximately 2:30 p.m.There was no quorum since the number of households was under 10.


Call to Order:

Wahab Baouchi, acting President, and Stan Coker, Treasurer, called the unofficial meeting to order and quickly reviewed the previous meeting’s minutes without reading them.


Treasurer’s Report:

Stan reviewed the bank account and reported on the last HOA fees paid by only two new tenants. Other newer tenants have not paid for the one-time fees of $25.00. We hope to collect this fee during the upcoming picnic party.

Wahab has called the real estate agents to remind them that the HOA fees must be collected during closing.

The Treasurer’s complete report will be soon available on HOA’s website. The account balance as of 9/23/2012 is $803.75


New Members:

Two new members joined the meetings: Kip Huertz and Marie Chmielowied


Election of the Board of Directors:

Bob and Patti Pierce, former pro-bono attorney and former treasurer, respectively, are no longer residing in the Ponderosa Pines subdivision and, therefore, no longer on the Board.

The members of the Board that remain serving are:

Wahab Baouchi, Stan Coker, Carol Long, and Connie Snow.

Election of three additional members to serve a two year term are:

Kip Heuertz, Ann Chesnut, and Mary Chmielowiec


Regular Business:


The picnic that was scheduled to take place onAugust 26, 2012did not take place due to some Board members’ absences (\out of town) and others no longer residing in the Ponderosa Pines’ subdivision. The new picnic date is scheduled forOctober 14, 2012between4:00 p.m.and6:00 p.m.onQuail Circle. Flyers will go out soon and the residents are encouraged to RSVP byFriday, October 12, 2012.

Please get involved and bring your family and kids to meet each other and have a wonderful time!


All new residents are encouraged to learn more about the covenants of our HOA. They are simple and just a reminder to help us all retain the values of our home and neighborhood in general.


There are more children now in our streets and we would like to remind our motorists to respect the speed limit and be watchful of those kids.


New Business:


We would like to welcome all the new residents to our Ponderosa Pines neighborhood.

We will have a table at the picnic where the new residents could drop their names, addresses and e-mails to be included in the e-mail list.


The meeting was adjourned at2:30 p.m.


Board of Directors Meeting:


Immediately after the annual meeting, the members elected Kip Heuertz, Mary Chmielowiec, and Ann Chesnut to replace Barbara Wilson, Patti Pierce, and Heidi Oberbeck.


The Make-Up of the Board is as follows:


President – Wahab Baouchi

Vice President – Carol Long

Treasurer – Stan Coker

Secretary and Website Master – Kip Heuertz

Member – Connie Snow

Member – Ann Chesnut


The Architectural Committee remains unchanged. The members are

Doug Chestnut: 303-665-8345 (Chairman)

Wahab Baouchi: 303-665-2880

Tony Smith: 303-666-7813


Follow-up Meetings:


December 2, 2012at1:00 p.m.at Stan’s home,

March 3, 2013at1:00 p.m.at Ann’s home,

June 2, 2013at1:00 p.m.at Wahab’s home,

September 22, 2013at1:00 p.m.at theLouisvilleLibrary for the General Annual Meeting.


Please visit www.ponderosapineshoa.com for any additional information.


Wahab Baouchi