News from Ponderosa Pines HOA (August 23, 2015)

Welcome to the 2015 Annual Picnic. The weather is scheduled to be awesome with a high around 80 degrees. We have a wonderful group of owners in our HOA and had another year without any formal issues within the HOA.


We’ve been able to maintain the one-time HOA at the time of home purchase. We will be requesting a small donations to cover the cost of meat, veggie patties, and condiments for the annual picnic.

HOA Email List

We maintain an email list for official HOA news only.  Usually that means the annual picnic and a city announcements pertaining to our neighborhood.  The email list is kept private to the HOA board and is not made public.  To be added to the email list, please email Kip Heuertz at

Looking for Volunteers

Board positions are available. We would like to have new members on the board. The board meets 4 times a year including the annual meeting in September. The board reviews any issues within the HOA, collects one-time due, and maintains financials.

We also have an architecture control committee to review any major outside improvements including house repainting. The committee decisions have been quite reasonable in past to ensure the neighborhood within the HOA maintain consistency.

Open to new committees. We would love to see new committees as homeowners have interest.  Please contact the board with your proposal.

About Ponderosa Pines HOA

Ponderosa Pines occupies one of the choicest spots in Louisville, a natural setting for one of the town’s finest subdivisions.  Ponderosa Pines begins at South Boulder Road and Eisenhower Drive and ends with 500 and 501 Eisenhower Drive.  Both Quail Circle and Quail Court are part of it.  It is comprised of 63 lots of which 1 is vacant.

Current board includes Stan Coker, Wahab Baouchi, Kip Heuertz, Ann Chesnut, Carol Long, and Connie Snow. Architecture committee is led by Doug Chesnut.