Board and Officers

Officers & Board Members of the Ponderosa Pines HOA

The Bylaws specify a board of 5 – 7 members, with 2 year terms.

Board Member Name Term
Stan Coker 2012-2014
Wahab Baouchi 2012-2014
Ann Chesnut 2013-2015
Kip Heuertz 2013-2015
Carol Long 2013-2015
Connie Snow 2013-2015

Bylaws, section 7.2: Officers shall be appointed by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting of the Board and shall hold office, subject to the pleasure of the Board until the next annual meeting of the Board. or until their successors are appointed, whichever is later, unless the officer resigns, or is removed earlier.
There was a board meeting on September 27, 2009 to choose the officers.

Office Name
President Wahab Baouchi
Vice President Carol Long
Secretary Kip Heuertz
Treasurer Stan Coker